Multi user support

Don't like to chat alone? You don't have to! You may add as many users you want!

Manage your status

You are busy or unavailable? Or you are ready to chat? Choose your status to express your current mood!

Turn it off if you don't need it

You don't want to be disturbed by the chat window? Don't worry! You can turn the chat off whenever you want. You'll be offline for the rest of the people since then but you'll not loose any messages.

Your friend sent a nice quote but you don't remember how exactly did it look like? Don't worry! You can search the whole conversation thanks to the search box.

Configure your IMS

Do you want to turn on the sound notifications whenever you receive a message? Simply click on the settings section.

Find people in the system

Chat with anybody in the system you want. If you want to see all people you've ever chatted with just click on the people icon next to the status.